Page-Flip Technology

Our interactive page-flip technology is a set of JavaScript and SWF files running on your HTML page. When a page is loaded, the code contained in these files automatically builds in the flash album having such options as: zooming, printing, saving, contents, navigation. See demo >>

Digital Feature Presentation

Our DFP technology automatically analyzes the music and photos that you choose, and orchestrates a custom video. Insert product information or marketing messaging into your DFP videos. Not boring caption-like text - but rather text the way it's done in TV and film. See demo >>

Online Shopping Cart

Fully integrated shopping cart - customised to your business. View a stock database from David Evans Group See demo >>

Website Plug-ins

Embed real-time information into your site, such as weather reports, local and world news, sports and RSS feeds. Our technology offers the user the latest information available directly form your website. View a real-time weather report from Rebel Ford powered by Google Gadgets See demo >>

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